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 Can't send email


Unable to send email (stays in outbox or generates error message)


1: Go to -- Write down the IPV4 numbers shown

2: Go to and enter the IPV4 numbers shown.
  Does that IP address appear in any of the listed spam blockers?
  a: If so, write down which ones and report in your support ticket and also indicate your Internet provider (Comcast, Brighthouse, Verizon, HughesNet, etc.) Go to item 4.

  b: If not, check the SMTP or IMAP settings in your email program. Go to

3: If you are using Windows 10 and Outlook, Microsoft has MOVED the email settings. Go to Control Panel and Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016), then select Setup Email Accounts and Directories,  select the email account that is having the problem, then Change and find "More Settings" and then go to Advanced. Check your settings against the chart in the Cyberchute.Net page and note any differences.

4: Let us know what you find in your Guardian Tech Support ticket.
5: If you would like us to call you, check the "Call Back" box and indicate in your support ticket when you will be available to take the call.

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