Keep your personal information private with ID Protect for ENOM.

Annoyed by emails and those phone calls with the foreign accents when you register a new domain name? And where do they get your number or your email?

The Whois directory is the official data file that contains all domain registration contact information of registered domain name owners: name, home address, phone number, and email. It's the official record of who owns each domain name.

But there is a defense against exposing your information to the world.

IDProtect: You can help to keep your contact information confidential with IDProtect. Cyberchute Hosting now offers IDProtect service (only) to customers with domains registered with ENOM. For those with renewals billed through the Cyberchute Account Manager, this service can now be found under "ADD ON" in the Domains section. The service is also available for those making direct renewals through ENOM (contact Cyberchute Support)

Limited Time SALE Price: $4.95/ year - (regular $6.95/year).

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