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Wordpress is a blank page


Once in a while a conflict between Wordpress updates and existing Plug Ins can cause the web site to appear as a completely blank page when the web site loads.

The solution to the problem is to go into the Plesk Control Panel, go to Files and move to the Plugins directory (httpdocs/wp-content/plugins) and temporarily the plugins directory, like pluginsbak.

At that point the web site will appear with the plugins disabled. Log into Wordpress and go to the Plugins and you should see error messages indicating the plugins are "missing and have been disabled.

Next, go back to the files directory and rename the pluginsbak back to the original plugins.

Returning to Wordpress, activate each plugin one at a time and check to see if the web site is still working.
If any of the plugins indicate an available update, go ahead and run the update.

It is possible to enable all the plugins without a problem, but if one of the plugins causes the web site to crash, go back into files and rename or remove that plugin.


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