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Webmail suddenly does not accept the password


If you log into Webmail (Horde or Roundcube) and it does not accept what SHOULD be the correct password, don't assume that the password has been changed. That might not be the case. When Webmail reaches the storage limits two things happen: the account will no longer accept incoming email messages and will "bounce" messages indicating the "mailbox full" error. The message is returned to the sender so the account owner won't know about it unless they send a test message to their own account.

The solution is for the account administrator to go into the Server Control Panel, and in the right column find "customize".  On that page, set Mailbox size 5 MB higher. This is a TEMPORARY fix to allow the account owner to log into Webmail and delete messages.

At this point the password and login should be restored.

Once messages have been marked as deleted they must then be "purged". In Horde, the "purge deleted" is a hidden option under an options drop down on the right portion of the screen. If the deleted files are not "purged" they are not deleted.

Once cleared, go back into "the control panel and "customize" and return to the package setting, which is normally 20 or 30 mb.

A reminder, email is a free service provided as a courtesy for hosting customers. Those needing more space can check the "Gmail" option explained in the Cyberchute.NET Solutions web site (Email, How-To, Gmail Access). Beyond that, ENOM customers can choose to have email managed through ENOM. The Enom EMail option can be selected in the customer's Account Manager under "options". Customers using other registrars will find similar services available through their registrar. Beyond that, there are other options through Microsoft 365 and others.

Cyberchute will provide technical assistance in making changes to email service.

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