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Where is my web site? If you see this message it means one of several things.

Domain Registration and Web Site Hosting are separate functions.

If there is a domain registrar, like ENOM or GoDaddy shown on the page, it means the DOMAIN REGISTRATION has expired. In that case you will need to contact the domain registrar directly to make payment for the domain renewal. It's always a good idea to keep the domain registration paid up for at least one year ahead to avoid problems.

If it says Cyberchute Hosting on the page it means that your invoice for web hosting is not paid. If you mailed a check at the last minute, it is possible that the check has not been entered in our billing system. In that case you can open an Accounts Support ticket and provide us with with the check number and date and we can enter it as if we had received it even though "the check is in the mail". 

When an invoice is past due it's always best to make payment online through the billing system. In some cases people have made payments directly through PayPal. When that happens we have to manually comb through all the payments and find out which one has not passed through the billing system. The billing system software does not have ESP. It can't "know" about things it doesn't process.

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