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 Email forwarding to Gmail


If your email address attract a lot of spam and it is all forwarded to Gmail, Gmail will "decide" that your email address is a spam source and block or delete messages. A better solution is to not forward but to let Gmail access your hosted email directly. It's not a simple process but Gmail provides guidance and there is a page in the Customer Solutions web site that addresses it.

We do not advise forwarding hosted email for that reason.

You can avoid the spam problem by:
1: using Alias emails and removing those that attract spam
2: use the Gmail or other service as the email contact for your web site.
3: avoid direct email links on your web site that can be "harvested" by online software
4: do not "unsubscribe" to sources you did not subscribe to because you are identifying your email as "active" to the sender, and therefore "valuable" enough to be sold to others.

See the "Dodge-Ball Technique" and other spam solutions at the Cyberchute Customer Solutions web site (no login needed)

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