Special Offer on TWO Important Online Resources

  • Wednesday, 3rd January, 2024
  • 16:25pm

Special Offer For Cyberchute.com Customers: Dive into these must-have guides!

Tim Trott's expertise coupled with Cyberchute.com's reliable hosting services ensures a seamless and secure online experience.

Two Books

  • Understanding WordPress 6.x for Beginners¬† - ($9.95 Paperback, $4.95 E-Book)
    Tim Trott demystifies the latest features of WordPress 6.x, empowering you to create stunning websites effortlessly. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, unlock the full potential of WordPress and elevate your online presence. WordPress is the perfect platform for building your own website. 40% of current websites are built with WordPress. But where do you start? Tim Trott's easy-to-follow guidebook for beginners has you covered. With over 25 years in web hosting and design, Tim breaks down the seemingly complex world of WordPress into a simple, approachable guide that anyone can use.

  • Guard Against Online Identity Theft¬† - ($6.95 Paperback, $2.99 E-Book)
    Uncover the secrets to fortify your online presence! Tim Trott's comprehensive guide equips you with the tools and strategies to safeguard your identity in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and protect what matters most.

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