Wordpress Services

A variety of services for the popular content Wordpress Content Management Systems

Wordpress Installation

No more uploading Wordpress and configuring the database. We install and configure Wordpress and create the database in a matter of minutes. We install sample themes and useful plugins and hand you the keys. Behind the scenes we run the Wordpress and Plugin updates from our remote Wordpress dashboard. We back-up the your files and database daily and maintain an off-site archive. If there is ever a problem, we can restore the site to any of the preceeding 7 days, 'like it never happened'. Want to learn Wordpress? No problem! We provide free training and personal guidance, like nobody else. Do it yourself or hire a helper, or we can make the changes for you, or any combination of the three. You are totally in control, protected by our superior tech support backed by LiquidWeb (USA). You don't have to feel one of a million customers fighting for attention with Cyberchute Guardian Tech Support.

Wordpress Developer Program

Cyberchute Hosting provides a great service for Wordpress Developers. We install Wordpress in a subdomain, provide access and support, and when the new site has been completed and approved, we then move or migrate it to the public web site. No need to construct a development server and transfer all the files and datatbase. This way is much more efficient. We provide extra file space for for our customers to develop a new web site or design, at no extra cost for up to 90 days.

Wordpress E-Commerce

Need to sell online? A free Wordpress Plugin, WooCommerce, provides a wide variet of tools for your online store or catalog. We'll help you get started, show you how to make it work, and answer your qusetions, or we can set it up for you. Sell a few products or thousands, and you keep all the profits. Make changes on your own without having to hire a programmer. Or if you prefer, we can make updates for you at a low per item fee, starting at just $5.